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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pssst.......want a good deal on yarn?

So, what am I working on right now? Well, I've got two projects on the go, and two waiting in the wings for their entrance (i.e. yarn is at the ready, needles are at hand, pattern is within grasp).

First, I found a ballet/wrap sweater in the Spring/Summer issue of Knit Simple . I was taken with it from the moment I saw it, and almost immediately set out looking for yarn. The pattern suggested putting two strands of Contrasto by Skacel Collection together to get a 11st on 9 mm gauge, but it also
recommended 28 50 g balls. I thought it might be better to use a yarn of that gauge, and perhaps not so many balls. In the end, I found some on sale yarn at the DKC's Knitter's Frolic last April.

Lang Yarns M.A.X. is 50/50 merino wool and acrylic, and is very soft despite it its synthetic mixture. I have been working on it since May, but the heat has made progress sporatic. I have also never worked from a magazine pattern before, and since much of it is condensed, I keep needing to review the instructions from the beginning to keep on course (or falling off course as the case maybe).

My second project is a pair of humble socks, but as they are my first set they have been a great learning experience. I am using Kroy self stripping yarn which is quite a thrill to see unfold. When Lewiscraft announced they were going bankrupt, I was able to score 4 balls at 30% off (yes, I love yarn on sale).

With the initial excitement of seing self patterning yarn, I worked toward turning the heel which you often hear about as a somewhat ardous task. What I found was turning wasn't much of an issue (rather anti-climatic really), but picking up the stitches was. I guess I haven't had much experience with it and haven't really been to impressed with the results. Oh well, practice will make better (I doubt it will make perfect). I got a little bored after I turned the heel and sort of procrastinated a bit on it for a time. Of late, I have found it to be perfect subway knitting, and have managed to complete the first sock. I am hoping to keep the momentum going to make it's mate.

Waiting in the wings is the two skeins of Sea Silk that I got for 20% off (and yet another deal) at Romni yarns on Queen street (sale is on through July on everything). And I will be making the Baltic Sea stole from Fibre Trends, as I had to pay shipping onI lost the savings gained from the yarn.

I also bought several cones of wool yarn from the Canadian Textile Museum's Yardage sale, and want to felt some bowls, boxes, or bags with it. I only paid a buck or two for the cones, so if it doesn't work out, no big loss. With the summer heat, I have cast on stitches but haven't done much else. I hope to get moving on them shortly.

So this is what I am up to right now, with some other projects that are waiting for these ones to be completed before they make an appearance. As you have probably noted, I love getting yarn (especially quality yarn) at a discounted price. If you hear of a sale, let me know!


  • At Tuesday, 11 July, 2006, Blogger Eden said…

    Can't wait to see the sweater finished! What a lovely colour of yarn...

    How about knitting in front of a fan? You'll get some work done and stay cool, all while looking like a girl from an '80s video -- I'm picturing Kim Wilde in the "Keep Me Hanging On" blowing, shirt billowing...


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