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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The dog days of summer

No, not this kind of dog. This is Coady, who belongs to Tina and Frank and who had us over for dinner last Saturday night. It was quite yummy and we enjoyed making Coady sing (yowl!) Frank was also good enough to give me many of his downloaded tracks of 80's and alternative music, it will give me lots to listen to when I get up to date with my favorite podcasts, Cast-on and Knitcast.

The dogs I am referring to are the hot, sticky, icky days and nights when the temperature is high and humidity is relentless. Here is the proof, this picture of our thermometre just off the kitchen window was taken at 7:38 this evening. Yes, it reads 33 degrees....yuch. The forecasters are saying it will start to break tomorrow and into Thursday, but I think for most people it can't come fast enough. Thank goodness we have air, but it is like being trapped in your own home, like when it is -33 degrees in January.

The reason I haven't been blogging since dad's birthday hasn't been so much the heat outside, but the frustration in trying to knit my first piece of lace. I thought it would be challenging, but I was getting more and more put off by the stitch (I wasn't putting too many rows on). A consultation with my mother convinced me that a 32 row repeat on a lace pattern maybe a tad bit ambitious for a first time project.

Consulting with my good friend Eden, convinced me to try the "Convertible" in the Spring 06 edition of Knitty. That would be much more resonable I thought, only 14 row repeat and as Eden would be going at it too, it would be a 2 person knit-a-long.

More frustation. I just could not get it to work. Finally, I thought it would be best to go with the pattern I bought with the Sea Silk for $2. It only had a 2 row repeat and was mercifully basic. Much to my relief, I have been able to knit this.

I was seriously beginning to wonder if I should give back my DKC membership (now that would have been sad). Either lace is something I am going to have to build my way up to, or I am simply lace challenged and shouldn't attempt anything more complicated than this.

Considering the heat we are enduring right now, I am quite content to be working with yarn made of silk and sea cell (sea weed) and hope to make great progress during the flight out to Vancouver on Friday. On the itinerary are plans to visit some local yarn shops and get a feel for the 'left coast' yarn vibe. Should have much to post when we return on Wednesday.


  • At Thursday, 21 September, 2006, Blogger Dharma said…

    Hey! I'm on the GLBT knit list, which is how I found your blog. Do you like Storm Water Shawl? I think it would be the perfect pattern for a friend of mine, I just have to buy it and the yarn. Tell me what you think about it.


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