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Thursday, September 21, 2006

In my other life, I am a....

Library Technician. Exciting huh? Well, other library technicians think so. Once every 3 or 4 months I try to get together with the people I went to Seneca College with for my diploma. We are a rag tag group, but got through the tyranny that is part-time continuing education (anyone who has gone through it knows what I am talking about). I promised them I would post pictures (and there will be knitting content), so here we go......

Here is Theresa and her lovely daughter Mialyn (10 months old).
Mialyn loves to read books and will have a great career in the library field in about 20 years. Her mom will be returning back to work soon and hopes to finish her diploma in 2007.

Up next is Sharon and Brenda. Sharon manages the library at York Central Hospital, which technically makes her a librarian. She used to knit lovely afghans and even won prizes at the local fair. But alas, she had to give it up (as many knitters fear) due to repetitive injury. I wish I could suggest something else she could do as a new obsession, but nothing compares to knitting needles.

Brenda works for the Law Society of Upper Canada and is a cataloguer (I give her credit, not all library types are least I couldn't do it). She occasionally knits, but spends most of her spare time in hockey arenas (you would think she would be madly knitting warm sweaters, hats, scarves, etc).

Last but not least is Nancy and Christopher. Nancy has taken a break from her studies at Seneca College, and is managing a company called Game Ready Equine. It has taken her to all kinds of exciting places and meeting all kinds of exciting people. Despite all this success (or perhaps in spite of it) she hopes to finish her diploma next year.

Christopher, is a library tech at the Ontario Legislative Library. He also likes to crochet, but limits it to the cottage in the summer time. I am certain if I could find him leather yarn, he would be crocheting all the time.


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