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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Trick, or treat?

I love things that subvert or are contrary to what people expect. For example, my previous blog where my lettuce sprouted up like it was on steriods, knitted lace on trees, and even librarian action figure with shhhhing action, but this Halloween costume found on a library blog called Librarian Avengers I am not too sure what to make of. Initially I thought it was a bit of a hoot, but as time goes on I am not too sure.

Part of me likes the idea of a librarian being a sex kitten, part of me knows this not much more than someone's fantasy, and another part of me knows it is the foolishness of Halloween.

Librarians are very much like knitters in that they are 'supposed' to be quite and introverted, if not homely and boring. Knitting is no longer the activity of grandmothers in rocking chairs, is what we hear over and over again. Those who knit know this isn't true and hasn't been for some time. Librarians haven't had this revolution yet where they are in the press on a regular basis, with people amazed that they don't all wear glasses and have tea every afternoon.

So, in the final analysis does this stir things up, or pepetuate the perception? What do you think?


  • At Thursday, 19 October, 2006, Blogger Eden said…

    Well, this little costume - and I do emphasize "little" - certainly perpetuates the stereotype of the sexy librarian.

    What we (we meaning you, the real librarian, and me meaning me, who is a librarian at heart) need is for some kind of movie to come out with a leading librarian, to break the stereotypes and show librarians in a new and exciting light. It's worked for other similar professions; hell, there's even a couple of movies coming out about FONTS of all things, and the people who move in that world... I will get you those titles tonight as I think they were in the Saturday Post.


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