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Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Felting

Last week, I picked up some gorgeous yarn that I had dubbed fall perrenial garden, as it had all these beautiful colours. I couldn't afford (justify) buying more than one skein, so I had to creative with what I should do with it. I decided upon making a purse, and then would try felting it (which I had never done before, but had been very interested in trying).

Here is what it looked like before (the round thing to the right side is a knitted rose). The main body of the purse was 9 by 9 1/2 with a 3 " flap and a 40" strap. I put it in the washing machine for about 15 minutes (checking once every 5) and then I let it run the rest of the washing cycle (rinse and spin).

Here is the result. The bag went down to 7 by 6 " in the body, 2" flap and a 28" strap. Overall I am pleased with the results, but the rose I wish I hadn't done (it just looks like a lump to me now).

It was a beautiful day yesterday when I did the felting, and Heather graciously stopped her leaf raking to model my latest creation (it also gives you a sense of scale).

While I was raking, I found this in the leaves. Amazing isn't it? I am not sure how it got on the ground, but any occupants had been vacated. Perhaps a hungry racoon found grubs in the wasp's nest to eat.

And here is our friend/neighbour's dog Harley again (I introduced him last summer). Always on the alert, this doberman is forever looking for someone to throw him a ball (he never wants to be petted or his bellie scratched, he just wants to play). His mother Lindsay, is very much into beaded jewellery and if you are looking to do some early holiday shopping, check our her website.


  • At Monday, 06 November, 2006, Blogger Eden said…


    Work it, Heather, work it... :D

    Perhaps Heather would look more comfortable sporting this?


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