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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mrs. Claus must do the knitting.....
I say this as I was Heather's Mrs. Claus this year, and knit her this cozy/warm hat. It was a
very nice Christmas over all. No snow, it was terribly green. But it was good to have family together, had a wonderful organic turkey for dinner with Jennifer's famous roasted veggies, and the obligatory Christmas pudding.
I managed somehow not to over eat, and got a tremendous amount of knitting done. Currently, I am working on the Shimmer shrug found in, but my version is being done with the Alpaca yarn mother gave me. I had some trouble with the lace pattern on the body of the shrug, as I forgot that I am lace challenged and need to put markers at every section of the repeat. Doing so when I got home, I now have 12 markers on the needle, but the pattern is coming along splendidly.
Today is the first day back at work, and Eden and I plan to do some Boxing Day yarn shopping (heaven help us). I am torn between buying some Noro, or getting some Cashmere. Will have to decide in the moment.


  • At Thursday, 28 December, 2006, Blogger Eden said…

    Heh -- you got both the cashmere AND the Noro!!!

    Well done, I say, well done.

    (And Heather looks lovely in her new hat.)


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