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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Shrug

Not the kind you do with your shoulders, but the type of knitting you put over your shoulders. I had quite a few moments of angst over this bit of knitting. First it was the lace pattern. I think I have mentioned before, I am laced challenged. I don't have the ability to concentrate long enough to keep a series our lace stitches clear in my head. I forgot this when I started knitting the lace pattern on the back, and turned into a nasty knitter when I screwed it up (sorry Heather and mom). So, to compensate with this I have to use (and not forget to use) stitch markers to section off the pattern. Once I do this, I am fine (and retain my pleasant disposition).
The second thing I angsted about is the shrug itself. If you haven't noticed, I tend to be a traditional kind of knitter. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. Shrugs can be seen as a transient fashion trend, just as ponchos were a year or two ago. I am already worrying that the thing will be out of vogue before long, and I will look like yesterday's news. Heather also mentioned to me that it looks like a sweater not quite finished (ugh!!). But, as Eden said to me, if it goes out of style you wear it at home. True, Eden is often right about those things (when I wasn't sure if I could knit the lace section she said "You can TOTALLY knit the lace"). Sure enough, she was right.
So now what? Well, I mentioned in my last post the day-after-Boxing Day yarn store shopping that Eden and I did. One of my acquisitions was 3 skeins of Noro (at 25% off), which I will make into a vest for Heather. I have never worked with Noro before and although it doesn't feel the best (mix of wool and silk) the colour repeats are incredible (orgasmic wouldn't be too far off). This should be a quick knit, stay tuned for updates.


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