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Monday, June 18, 2007

This is what we call the puppers show......

Heather and I went to have dinner at Karen and Vic's yesterday, and I was able to give the puppers or finger puppets I have been making for their son Jordin. He was a bit shy but did warm up to us by the end of the evening (Heather also brought him a key chain with an OPP motorcycle floating about in a bubble....he was keen on that too). So here he is with Vic (Heather is just off camera) giving Karen and I a puppet show.

We had other 'puppers' show up too. A family of raccoons live under their backyard deck, and they arrived at 8 p.m. to climb the cherry tree and have their breakfast. It was quite a show with two little guys showing up first, followed by mama and three more. They kept us quite amused and were seemingly unaffected by our presence (although mama did keep a keen eye on us as she chomped down on cherries).

To make sure no one missed out, Karen tried to point out to her cat (Alia is it's name, I think) all the activity going on in the tree. The cat didn't seemed to be too impressed that it was being picked up, and really didn't catch on...perhaps she had seen them one too many times.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening, and it was fun knitting up the little puppers for Jordin.


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