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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just got in, from way up North....

And so I did yesterday as Heather and I spent a week up in her hometown Chapleau, visiting her mom and dad. In the middle of the province, it took us much of yesterday getting home yesterday and we were pretty beat when we got in.

What does one do in Chapleau? Well if you don't fish or hunt, there isn't too much to do. But the quite is very condusive to knitting. July 1st was Canada Day, and at the museum they were having a party. I found a crocheter there, and had a good look at the knitting and needle arts display.

They had some very interesting antique items there, and some hand knit doilies that was found in a second hand store!!

Anyway, I got a ton of knitting done, and darn near finished this baby blanket that I started just before we left last week. Now that we are back, it is swealtering hot and I don't want to go near anything fuzzy right now. But here is me blissfully knitting on the best day we were there, up at the Pellow's camp.
As it has been so hot and humid today, I have been playing with this new site called Ravelry. It is in beta production right now, but if you sign up and patiently wait several weeks, you get an invite to join. I got mine the day before we left, so I have been itching to get on it. Lots of fun, and a great distration if you 'don't feel like' knitting.


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