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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Doubt, doubt, and more doubt....
As my best friend Eden will tell you, I question my when I finished a very easy Turn A Square hat by Jared Flood, I should be pleased about my accomplishment. But, instead I am fretting over whether it is too big. BTW, it's circumference is 20".... my head is 22"
I seriously hate when I do this to myself, but seem powerless to stop. I am going to ask my neighbour Dave to stand in as a male model, but ultimately, I will have to ask the intended recipient Ian to try it on (it is for his birthday in Dec).
Casting on for the Ravelympics last night, I am already wondering if I can have this item finished by time they put the Olympic torch out. I always have problems with the initial few rows of a new pattern, and Heather's chatting last night didn't help. I think I have it now, although I did miss one yarn over (I'll let that one slip).

Final doubts, well....not knitting related but I have to get this house in order to sell in a year. Our condo's construction is finally a go, and we should be in early 2010. Although the house isn't in a horrible state, there is much I want to do before we list it. Mainly purging stuff, which isn't Heather's strong suite. I am dreading the upcoming negotiating, begging, pleading, gnashing of teeth, etc., and really hope we can get our lives sorted and organized. Being a library technician I kind of feel the pressure of being on top of this, and if it was just me I wouldn't be so worried, but trying to negotiate these things with someone else can be quite a task. Wish me luck.


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