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Sunday, July 15, 2007

You almost look like a crocheter....
My mother's comment to me as I grapple with how to hold yarn in my left hand while crocheting with my right. Earlier she told me I looked like I was knitting. Hmmmmm.....I will get my form in place at some point. Meanwhile, I finished the crochet edging of the baby blanket which means it is finished!
Thanks to lots of knitting time up in Chapleau, and being able to finish the edging at my parent's, it took just over 2 weeks to complete. I am pretty impressed with it if I do say so myself. Too bad you can't feel how soft the yarn is through the computer.

This second picture shows the baby blanket lying on a bed throw my mother made a couple of years ago. It is quite a feat and kind of makes my little blankie seem not quite so impressive. But mom said she was very taken with it, and I think it will be much appreciated by the recipient.

We were in Guelph to celebrate my father's 86th birthday, which actually falls on tomorrow's date (July 16th). He was quite happy with our dinner of fondue (with ham, bread and tomatoes for dipping) and a variety of salads, and ice cream cake for dessert (yum, yum).
Dad did quite well for presents receiving two books on the British Army Homeguard (from Heather and myself) which he was a participant in, and a total of three bottles of Harvey's Bristol Cream from other family members (he loves the stuff, but don't get the idea he is a lush). He also got quite a few nice cards with fun poems inside, as he is famous for providing all of us. A wonderful day indeed.


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