The Shy Knitter

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hmmmm, let's see.....

Knitting friend: "So you know how I was whining about my yarn from Webs not being here yet? It’s been sitting at the PO for a week & a half! Canada Post didn’t leave a notification (although the website says they did). Anyway, I’ll have to go pick it up before going to our s'n'b- I don’t know how long they’ll hold packages for… But, yay, new yarn tomorrow…"

Me: "Maybe I should complain about the Habu yarn I ordered two weeks ago to see if it will show up ;-)"

Knitting friend: "Hey, it’s definitely worth a shot.."

later on that day......

Me: "OMG, it worked…I just got a confirmation e-mail…..hmmmm, let’s see….I never win a million dollars!!!"