The Shy Knitter

Sunday, September 30, 2007


While I am done my ascot (I am very pleased how it turned out), and finishing up some UFOs that have been patiently waiting for my return, I am twitching with excitement over a new project just over the horizon.

Last year, my friend Fabio (who I knit an Alpaca scarf for his 30th birthday) told me he would like to have a cashmere scarf knit for his wife. I told him the price might be a bit too prohibitive, and there wasn't enough time to get it done before Christmas that year.

Enter the new the new yarns at the last DKC meeting last week. One of the distributors had a yarn of 70% cashmere and 30% silk, 330 yards for under $30 = one scarf. It was buttery, it was delicious, it was Superior. I read a write up on Knitter's Review and knew I just had to have it. If Fabio still wanted to have that scarf made for his wife, I was more than willing to make it for him. After various options for scarves were examined, we settled on this one called Mist Lace Scarf . When I knit Fabio's scarf last year, I did it all in ribbing and almost died from boredom (it took me over 6 months to knit as I kept picking it up and putting it down). This pattern has just enough lace to make it interesting, but it is a beginners pattern I won't be pulling my hair out trying get into the rhythm.
The only problem is that we had to order from New York City, as we couldn't get the colour he wanted in T.O. It shouldn't take long, but I can't wait to get started. I even did a test swatch with Alpaca to practice the pattern. It looks good, and I may even complete the scarf in the Alpaca after this one is done.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

False starts....

This is kind of like false labour, but with knitting. It seems every time I start a new project, no matter how basic or how complicated, it takes me 2 or 3 tries before the project actually gets underway. I really thought it was just me who was affected by this affliction, but both my mother and my cousin Rosie from England confirmed to me yesterday they are under the same curse.

After 3 goes at it, I finally got the topdown sweater under way. This is after I properly guaged my knitting and all the rest. My final cast on was the same day we went for our 2 day mini holiday up in Tobermory with my parent's, my cousin Rosie and her husband Ron. They have been up there for the better part of the past week, but Heather and I could only squeeze in 2 days (better than nothing). The view was fantastic, the food was fantastic (Ron cooked dinner Thursday night, it was yummy) and I spent time knitting with both mom and Rosie. Dad painted his watercolour landscapes while he was up there, which goes to prove I come from creative genes (I love my knitting genes from my mom, but wish I had painting genes from my me, I don't).

The other false start I had is with the Ascot. After having it 1/2 done, the provision cast on f*cked up (or maybe I should say I did) and I had to undo what was worked on. I am back to the same point I left off at last time (but included a 'safety line' in the cast on this time) and hope to start the second half tomorrow (please, please, please work).

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Looks like knitting with copper....

Now that the sea storm shawl is done (and here is one more shot) I can actually move onto other projects I have been wanting to get to for sometime.

Back in July, Eden and I went to the Romni summer sale and I dropped a bit of cash. Being the great enabler that she is, she found me yarn I had no plan on buying, but couldn't resist. I wanted to knit in bamboo and corn, but couldn't resist this cotton/viscose blend. The colours are so vibrant and the sheen on it makes it all the more gorgeous.

This yarn is a bit tricky to knit with, as it doesn't stick too much and splits rather easy. But the results are quite beautiful to behold.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


My first real lace project is finally finished. I received the yarn as a part of a graduation present in June 2006 (from my part time studies at Seneca College) from my mother and sister. Two lovely skeins of Sea Silk in slightly different colourways.

Can I tell you the number of things I learned in this project? First, novice lace knitters shouldn't start with 32 stitch repeat patterns (I wound up with the first pattern I bought with the yarn, which is a 16 stitch repeat). Second, stitch markers are vital, I SAID VITAL, for a lace knitting project. Third, a safety line is imparitive and take your time putting it in!! Finally, that I don't like to knit with silk in the winter, which put this project into overtime as I just finished it today.

I am thrilled with the results. So much so I had to go to Village Yarns and buy a shawl pin to go with it. It cost me half as much as the yarn was worth. Oh well, I deserve it!!!

So now what you may ask? I am onto Friday, which is a knitted ascot pattern. I had picked up
three different types of yarn for it during Romni's summer sale in July (got 20% off). I am starting with this yarn from Norway which is a Cotton/Viscose blend. I also have corn yarn and bamboo to give it a whirl with. The colour in this particular yarn is stunning, and I can't wait to see the end results. Hopefully it won't take over a year this time ;-)